Holding Our Breath

Kaori and I, with our new camera in hand, set out for the Caribbean shore of Honduras, with our eyes on Utila, one of the Bay Islands.  After a lovely ride from Tegucigalpa to San Pedro Sula, we caught a bus to La Ceiba.  We jumped off before the last stop to catch a taxi and ensure that we caught the last boat to Utila.  We made it with five minutes to spare, hoorah.  After an hour-long boat ride to the island, we were there, surrounded by the Caribbean Sea.


We found a place to stay for the night, which, with diving schools fighting for every last student, wasn’t that hard, and we indulged in a feast of ramen with not one, but TWO eggs.  Anyhow.  The next morning we were off to the reefs!


Before long Kaori was on the hunt.

In our two days of snorkeling we saw a shark…


I was able to dive down 35 feet (not bad for a country boy?!) to see a moray eel hiding out in the reef as pointed out to me by scuba divers.

一緒だったダイバーが教えてくれて、おおきなウツボ(英名;moray eel)も発見!!でも、それは海女さんなみの肺活量を持つベンだけ。私はとてもじゃないけど、35フィートも潜れません。。。私たち以外はみんなスキューバーでシュノーケルは二人だけだったんだけど、みんなベンの潜水力に驚いてました。

and we chased around schools of tuna surfacing to eat plankton, which means there might be a whale shark (!), but there wasn’t…just tuna splashing around.


The reef was beautiful!  A whole new world, as Kaori said.

Can’t wait to go skin diving again!!




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2 responses to “Holding Our Breath

  1. yamaguti teturou

    o~iben gennkikai todokukawakaranaikedo tamesini dasitemitayo

    • コメントありがとう!!二人とも元気に楽しく毎日ラテン音楽に浸ってますよ、ハハハ。お父さんもお母さんも皆元気ですか?またたまにコメント残してくれたらうれしいです♪

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