We Won!!! (a qualifying match)

June 27, 2010–Buenos Aires, Argentina

You’ve never seen the streets of Buenos so empty as when Argentina is playing in a World Cup game.  Nothing but the occasional bus, making its route empty of any passengers.  A silence you’ll never hear in a town like this.

Then, the game ends.  This time in victory.  Victory=Crazy on the Streets.  Like this guy, who fingerpainted his car in Argentinian colors.

Scott and me near the obelisk, where it all happens.

Cars and trucks, filled with people waving flags and making noise with whatever is loudest, head for the obelisk standing in the center of town, and traffic grinds to a halt.  I’m sure that no one who wants to “get somewhere” would come close.

TV crews interviewing a child to see what she thought of the game.  Probably more captivating commentary than that of the players.

A giant Maradona, bouncing in the wind, dances with thousands of Argentinians.

Anything that rolls becomes a stage for showing Argentinian pride.

People. People. People.  All having a good time, enjoying their victory.  I wonder what this street would look like after winning the Cup?


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