June 29, 2010–Buenos Aires, Argentina

Seltzer dispensers on sale at the Sunday morning market in San Telmo.

Vegetables in all shapes, sizes, and colors arranged beautifully for sale.

At an art exhibition Batman eats his own kind.

Nice clothes.

Scott took us to a great venue, where local people come to enjoy tango.  And a band showed up.  Beautiful.

In a poorly lit, smoky room with a creeky wooden floor, Kaori was way into the dancing.  Scott and I were into a bottle of Argentinian wine.

Scott.  We spent a couple days living with this Japanese-speaking, lawyer-on-vacation, Ausie.  Quite a guy.  He took care of us like we couldn’t have expected.  Sharing views on new and old experiences, wonderful home-cooked lasagna, and all kinds of stuff, our first couch surfing experience was a wonder.  Thanks, Scott.

Off to see the falls at Iguazu.


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