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Monkies, Sloths and Beaches: Manuel Antonio

Located on the Pacific Ocean in the middle of Costa Rica, is Manuel Antonio, know for being home to the rare squirrel monkey, and various other wild animals with a beautiful beach-front location.


After a short swim in the warm water, we headed out for a climb.  On the way we saw a great number of sloths, monkies and reptiles.


We saw Halloween crabs, with bright red legs and a black body, and a group of white-faced monkies that came within four feet of us.

After the 30 minute hike, we enjoyed the breath-taking view…


We arrived back at the beach just in time to see a group of monkies raiding a bag of one of the tourists…


He succeeded returning three times after being shooed away and enjoyed his bounty in a nearby tree: Bimbo Brand White Bread (real company, real product).



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San Jose, Costa Rica

April 16, 2010


We passed through Nicaragua on a 16-hour bus ride that brought us to San Jose.  Before grabbing another bus to Manuel Antonio, we wandered around the city to see what it could be seen.


We happened to run into this guy.  We could feel the raw energy emanating from him as he strolled the streets of the capital, not playing his guitar, but always posed, ready to do so, should the need arise.


Chinese businesses were everywhere.  From restaurants to lawyers to net cafes, there was an obvious presence.  Apparently, China is building a new national stadium for Costa Rica.  We ran into a young guy from Fujian running a net cafe and chatted for a while.


The most surprising find was this car, which is produced by a Chinese company, Yiqi.  This car was one of the projects I was responsible for while working at Takata Shanghai.  When I was in Changchun visiting the assembly line, I never thought that the cars would end up in Costa Rica.  Small world??

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