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June 29, 2010–Buenos Aires, Argentina

Seltzer dispensers on sale at the Sunday morning market in San Telmo.

Vegetables in all shapes, sizes, and colors arranged beautifully for sale.

At an art exhibition Batman eats his own kind.

Nice clothes.

Scott took us to a great venue, where local people come to enjoy tango.  And a band showed up.  Beautiful.

In a poorly lit, smoky room with a creeky wooden floor, Kaori was way into the dancing.  Scott and I were into a bottle of Argentinian wine.

Scott.  We spent a couple days living with this Japanese-speaking, lawyer-on-vacation, Ausie.  Quite a guy.  He took care of us like we couldn’t have expected.  Sharing views on new and old experiences, wonderful home-cooked lasagna, and all kinds of stuff, our first couch surfing experience was a wonder.  Thanks, Scott.

Off to see the falls at Iguazu.


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We Won!!! (a qualifying match)

June 27, 2010–Buenos Aires, Argentina

You’ve never seen the streets of Buenos so empty as when Argentina is playing in a World Cup game.  Nothing but the occasional bus, making its route empty of any passengers.  A silence you’ll never hear in a town like this.

Then, the game ends.  This time in victory.  Victory=Crazy on the Streets.  Like this guy, who fingerpainted his car in Argentinian colors.

Scott and me near the obelisk, where it all happens.

Cars and trucks, filled with people waving flags and making noise with whatever is loudest, head for the obelisk standing in the center of town, and traffic grinds to a halt.  I’m sure that no one who wants to “get somewhere” would come close.

TV crews interviewing a child to see what she thought of the game.  Probably more captivating commentary than that of the players.

A giant Maradona, bouncing in the wind, dances with thousands of Argentinians.

Anything that rolls becomes a stage for showing Argentinian pride.

People. People. People.  All having a good time, enjoying their victory.  I wonder what this street would look like after winning the Cup?

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Death in Buenos Aires

June   26, 2010–Buenos Aires, Argentina

La Recoleta, situated in one of the best neighborhoods in Buenos Aires, is the final resting place of many Argentinians of great import.  The wide lanes of the cemetery are lined with grand mausoleums, looking much like a miniaturized city.  If people rode around the cemetery in miniature cars, this effect would be increased.

While a great number of graves are in pristine conditions, graves that have been left unmanaged are most apparent–broken glass, falling walls, caskets fallen from their shelves.

Among ex-presidents, scientists, and the generally rich lies the “Spiritual Leader of Argentina,” philanthropist Eva “Evita” Peron.  There was a line to see her grave.

Walking through the cemetery, filled with huge statues and art from a variety of styles–all of the highest quality, is like walking through a museum.  Absolutely marvelous.

Many of the largest mausoleums are modeled on churches.  With caskets placed before crosses and stained glass, it’s almost as if the funeral never ended.

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