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Into Brazil: The Iguazu Falls

June 30, 2010–Iguazu, Brazil

We arrived at the border to this curious fast food drive-in style border crossing.  Fast for everyone but us, as we had to wait for the next bus to arrive, while citizens of Argentina and Brazil rode through unchecked.

Yet, as if God was rewarding us for our patient wait.  We found some fresh onions on the ground outside immigration.  FREE onions!!!

By the time we got into the city and back out to the falls, the sun was already on its way down.  The light in the mist of the falling water was beyond words.

Iguazu falls is composed of several waterfalls that line a short canyon, meaning that as you walk your way up the canyon, new waterfalls appear.  The large collection of falls in the picture above only represent one small section, the last section, of the falls.

As the falls continue expanding before your eyes the awe begins to take hold.  The sheer expansiveness of the falls coupled with the beautiful lush green islands between the tiers of raging waterfall is one of the most impressive sights we’ve seen.

Eventually you arrive at the heart–the Devil’s Throat.  In the picture above you see only half of the two tiered fall.  The roar of the water and the spray that jets out from below is overwhelming.

A foot bridge takes you out into the middle of the Devil’s Throat and leaves you standing in the spray as water careens down from above, then rushes under your feet only to once again fall, finally becoming a violently churning river.

Looking down the falls, they seem to continue without end.

Having had our dose of mist and awe-inspiring natural wonder, we’re feeling pretty good.



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