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二人とも元気です!! We are OK.


SORRY.  The combination of a tight schedule in Europe and no computers at our disposal has left our blog in a state of marked disrepair.  We hope to get back on the wagon soon and let you all know about some of the great things we’ve seen recently.  Much love!



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Sign up! 登録しよう!

In the right column, just below the calendar, you can sign up to receive email notifications of new posts from your two favorite world travelers.  It’ll save you the hassle of checking the site every thirty minutes, although the sheer joy of being the first to read the new post may be dulled a little.  Oh, and the first thirty people to sign up will receive lots of love from us.

右端カレンダーの下にブログ更新の自動知らせメールを受信するための登録ができます。メールアドレスを入力し、「Sign up!」をクリック願います!先着30名様は、私たちからたくさんの愛をもらえます!お早めにご登録を!

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Blog? Oh, we had a blog?

Sorry, folks.
We’ve been having way too much fun and totally forgot about blogging. After a quick check, it seems we are already behind by five countries, now here livin’ it up in Quito, Ecuador.
We’ll get something up in the next few days!


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Sayonara Kentucky!


《フ ライトスケジュール》
9:25AMアトランタ発 (GA)-11:23AMカンクン着(Mexico)

ただ今問題なのが、昨日から雪が結構降ってて、ケンタッキーの家から空港までの道路 状況が良くない。。。ベンの両親に送ってもらうし、彼らが無事に家に戻ってこられるようにも考えないといけないから天気予報見たり、空港に電話したり、道 路交通情報をネットで調べたりしてる。

A few of the members of our precious American family ↓
This is what a year’s worth of stuff looks like ↓
PS-The hat is Kaori’s. The toilet paper around my neck is both of ours.
We made our way to the Columbus airport through one of the biggest snow storms of the year. Thanks to my Mom and Dad, who were nice enough to drive us up there through the night for our early morning flight out! We love you both!!
Our dog Mia, ready for the snow with her snazzy jumpsuit ↓

We left at around midnight, in all this beautiful snow! ↓

Despite the build-up of snow, our flight left on time.

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